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If your PC is having trouble booting into Windows, your operating system may be compromised or corrupted. Some symptoms of Windows corruption involve blue screen errors, not booting into the desktop, password no longer works, or “operating system not found” error message.

Most problems with Windows are caused by faulty hardware drivers, viruses, corrupted registries, or hard drive disk errors. We can help!

We offer two methods of Windows operating system repairs:

Non-Destructive This process involves repair Windows operating system errors by focusing on the specific issue and repairing areas of Windows that have been corrupted. This is usually recommended in situations where you would rather not reinstall your software and apps.

Refresh Windows – This method involves backing up all of your personal files, pictures, music, bookmarks. Then formatting the hard drive and installing a fresh copy of Windows. We’ll even restore your data and apps!

This method will give you the added benefit of starting fresh, improving performance and resolving any hard drive disk errors (or bad blocks).

Want to turbo-boost your computers speed tenfold? Ask us about how a Solid State Drive (SSD) will add years to your PC and run better than new at blazing fast speeds!

Symptom Check

  • Blue Screen Errors (BSOD)
  • Crash during update
  • Not responsive or stalls
  • Windows login Issues
  • Windows freezes
  • Long start-up time
  • Unusual Windows behavior
Computer Repair Irvine blue Screen

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Windows Refresh

  • Fresh re-install resolves most issues
  • Laptop performance boost
  • Data backup included
  • FREE Antivirus included
  • Start Fresh with a rebuilt PC