Fan / Overheating Repairs

Overheating Repairs

$120 and up

  • Internal Cleaning
  • Fan/Heatsink
  • CPU Regrease


One of the most essential functions to make your laptop run at its peak and avoid hardware failure is its cooling system. Overheating problems are the leading cause of hard drives, motherboards, video cards, and other component failure.

Dust and Heat – The unseen enemy
Electronics naturally attract dust, debris, and pet dander. After some time, if not properly maintained, dust can infiltrate your PC’s cooling system – acting like insulation that traps heat inside instead of exhausting it out.

Some symptoms of overheating are sudden system shutdowns, fan error on boot, dirty components, burning smell, slowness, or freezing.

Additionally, your system uses a thermal compounds to dissipate heat away from the CPU to the copper heatsink. After a time, the thermal compound can deteriorate leading to insufficient heat transfer causing damage to your components.

Our overheating repair service includes:

  • New thermal grease on CPU/GPU
  • Internal clean of all components

  • Replace fans if required
  • PC check for processes overworking CPU

Let our team of qualified experts resolve your overheating issue on your laptop. Call or email us today, and we’ll have you back up and running in no time.

* Price includes fan or heatsink replacement if required

Symptom Check

  • Loud fans / No fans spinning
  • Fan error warnings
  • PC shuts down
  • PC running slow or freezing
  • Burning smell

Keep it cool

  • Clean fans regularly
  • Elevate PC on table
  • Vacuum ventilation points
Computer Repair Irvine Overheating Fan replacement


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