Macbook Screen Replacement

LCD Repair

$300 and up

  • 120 Day Warranty

  • FREE Diagnostics 

  • Fast Repairs


If your Macbook has a broken or problematic LCD screen, don’t worry – We’ve got you covered! We can replace your Macbook LCD screen and return it to that fresh, crisp out-of-the-box look.

Let our team of highly seasoned technicians diagnose your Macbook LCD problem free of charge. You can rest assured we offer very competitive pricing and experience over our competitors.

Some examples of LCD problems:

  • Physical Damage (internal and external cracks)
  • Screen is completely black
  • Screen is very dim (this maybe an inverter board issue on older laptops)
  • Screen is distorted flickers or jumps
  • Dead or hot pixels on LCD
  • Vertical or horizontal bars across screen
  • Liquid spill contamination on/behind LCD


  • Black or white display
  • Dim or no display
  • External cracks (spider web)
  • Distorted video
  • Vertical/Horizontal lines


  • Most laptops come with RGB, HDMI, DP for external output
  • Attach your laptop to external monitor
  • If you get display on monitor, LCD may be faulty
  • No display on external monitor maybe other issue


  • We service all major brands
  • We do the search for you to offer best LCD price

  • Qualified Experts with over 10 years experience

  • Fast repair
  • 120 Day Warranty
  • Transparent pricing