Macbook Hard Drive/SSD Repairs

Macbook Broken screen

Hard Drive Repairs

$300 and up

  • 1TB Hard Drive
  • Rebuild System
  • Data Backup


Did you know the average shelf life of a hard drive is 3-5 years? Hard drives will over time become degraded causing slowdowns, freezing, and in some cases permanent failure.
Refresh your PC with a new hard drive or SSD (Solid State Drive). A new hard drive will effectively make your computer run like new again. An SSD drive can make your PC run up to 10x faster!

Our service fee includes a new 1TB (non-SSD) hard drive, Reinstall OSX and restore your data (if possible).

SSD replacements may vary in price/size. Please contact us for a quote.

Note: Some late model Macbooks have SSD integrated on logicboard and cannot be replaced.

Symptoms of a failing hard drive:

– Freezes at Apple logo or flashing “File Folder”
– Macbook shuts down completely during start-up
– Macbook begins to slow considerably or freezes
– Laptop is older than 3-5 years
– Unusual noises or clicking sound from hard disk
– Files become corrupt or will not load up

Turbo BOOST your PC with an SSD Upgrade

  • SSD can boost your computers speed 10x
  • Less noise & footprint
  • Consumes less power
  • Computer runs better than new
  • Call for pricing

Lost your data?
We can help!

  • Inquire about our Data Recovery Services
  • 90% Success Rate
  • If you get display on monitor, LCD may be faulty
  • No Recovery, No Fee

Quick Tip:

  • If the drive is making a clicking, whirring, or grinding noise, turn it off immediately to avoid further damage