iMac Power Supply Failure

Power Supply Repair

$100-$125 + Part

  • FREE Diagnostics
  • 120 Day Warranty
  • FREE Internal Clean

Power Supply (PSU) Failure

If your iMac is not powering on, shuts down or blue screens more often than not, than your system may have a problem with its Power Supply (PSU). Your iMac’s power supply delivers the power for your motherboard, components and video cards.

Like other components that make up your iMac, the power supply is one component that may fail after some years of use. Outside factors such as dust build-up, power outages and power surges can contribute to power supply failure.

Let our team of qualified technicians quickly diagnose your iMac.

All iMac power supply repairs include FREE internal cleaning to avoid future problems.

If you suspect your iMac power supply has failed, contact our office for a FREE evaluation.

Our team has been building and repairing iMac’s for over 15 years. We have the expertise and equipment to quickly diagnose your iMac power issue and determine best course of action for repair.

Symptom Check

  • iMac will not power on
  • Reboots
  • No video or display
  • Freezing during use


  • Dust build-up contributes to faulty hardware

  • Electrical spikes and surges can damage components
  • Power outages can damage components
  • Faulty power supply’s can still power on iMac


  • Dust can damage internal components

  • Same Day Repair available

  • 120 Day Warranty