iMac logicboard / GPU Repairs

Logicboard Repairs

$125 + Parts

  • FREE Diagnostics
  • Repair or Replace


If your iMac is not powering on, shuts down or has distorted video more often than not, than your system may have a logicboard or graphics card (GPU) failure. Your iMac logicboard is the main controller for all your devices, including: video, audio, memory, USB and other functions.

Determining whether the logicboard or a GPU has failed can be tricky without the right tools and equipment. Often times, the symptoms are similar and a thorough diagnostics needs to be conducted to determine the issue.

With a faulty logicboard, a replacement is necessary and requires acquiring the exact or similar replacement to ensure your other components such as RAM or cooling system modules are compatible.

In certain situations, the operating system must be reinstalled. But don’t worry, we’ll take care of all that.

If you suspect your iMac’s logicboard has failed, contact our store today.

Our team has been building and repairing iMac’s for over 30 years. We have the expertise and equipment to quickly diagnose your logicboard issue and determine best course of action for repair.

*Service Fee ONLY. Does not include parts which vary based on your availability.

Symptom Check

  • iMac will not power on
  • Stuck at Apple logo
  • Fans running high
  • No chime sound
  • No video or display
  • Freezing during use


  • Dust and debris buildup contributes to faulty hardware
  • Electrical spikes and surges can damage components
  • Power outages can damage components
  • Faulty logicboards can still power on iMac
  • Faulty CPU and logicboards exhibit similar symptoms

Time for a new iMac?

  • We can transfer your data to new iMac

  • Recover all data and software

  • Recover your emails and settings