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It used to be that viruses only affected Windows PC’s. Today, more Apple computers and Macbooks are being targeted by viruses and malware.

It is estimated that each day new viruses, trojans, worms and malware are unleashed in the computing world. Viruses come out faster than anti-virus software can defend your system.

If your Macbook is experiencing any of the below symptoms, it’s time to take action and call Chicago’s most comprehensive virus removal experts.

Virus & Malware symptoms:

  • Pop up ads to purchase bogus software to remove the virus or Tech Support Scamsv
  • Website redirects (browser navigates to websites you didnt intend)
  • Your Macbook stops responding, or it locks up frequently
  • Your Macbook crashes, and then it restarts every few minutes
  • Your laptop gets a “kernal panic”
  • Software and Applications on your Macbook do not work correctly
  • Disks or folders are missing or inaccessible are inaccessible
  • You cannot print items correctly
  • You see unusual error messages
  • You see distorted menus and dialog boxes

Everyday we provide customers with solutions to rid systems of viruses and get your Mac back to normal. Our team of experts understand the operational structure of ALL viruses and have the experience and know-how to eliminate all system threats.

We Have 2 methods of Virus Removal:

Non-Destructive A step-by-step procedure developed over many years to preserve your data and software and rid your system of any viruses and get your PC back up and running. This method is recommended if you do not want a fresh copy of Windows and reinstall your apps.

System Overhaul In severe cases and the most economical – We migrate all your data files (Documents, music, photo’s) to a clean machine. Run several Virus and Malware scans to clean all infections. We then re-install your operating system on your machine – This guarantees 100% Virus Elimination. We then bring all your data files back. This method guarantees your machine will be 100% free of viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, key loggers, etc.

In addition to those services, we take preventative measures to reduce the chances of you ever getting re-infected. We will provide you a free basic anti-virus if required.

While Software only protects you most of the time, it’s important to use common sense and online behavior modification to avoid further infections

If you suspect your system has a virus or infected by other malicious software – please call us. Our services are 100% Guaranteed.


Remember, never to give remote access to your PC from suspicious entities. Often times, overseas companies posing as Microsoft will drop phony warnings on your PC and charge a service fee to remediate it.


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Our Full Service Includes:

  • Full Virus Removal
  • Free PC Optimize/Tune-Up
  • Security and Software Updates
  • Security Tweaks